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Information Provision Structure

Using generic drugs contributes to saving national expenditure on health and medicine. For this reason, the Japanese government encourages people to use generic drugs. The more generic drugs are used, the more information on generic drugs is required. How do we meet these requests? We have an original system to provide a full range of information and support for medical professionals.

Nichi-Iko's Information Provision Structure Initiatives

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We put a great deal of thought into information accessibility and concentration on our ingenuity in product design through the Nichi-Iko search page on our web site (DI page). You can search for and view product package inserts, proper use instructions, drug photos and so on. Our search pages include safety information (line listing of side effects, performance results studies) and most up-to-date information.
Customer Support Center

Our Customer Support Center is set up to handle inquiries and consultation on our products. We do our best to provide information and various types of support for our customers. We receive inquiries and pass them onto our relevant MR (medical representative), with every effort made to provide a seamless flow of information between our customer support center, MRs and medical institutions.

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Fax: (076) 442-8948

Our Original Support System; PENGE (Gathering Post-market Information)
We are eager to work on “Iku-yaku,” meaning “growing drugs” together with patients, doctors, pharmacists and other pharmaceutical companies. We believe the “Iku-yaku cycle” starts from collecting post-market information such as direct input from patients and medical institutions. Gathering such information is one of the roles of MRs and the support center.
Our original support system, PENGE stands for Product Evolution of Nichi-Iko’s Generic drugs. This system is to use an original algorithm to assess and evaluate collected post-market information. Information is, of course, shared in-house and we make good use of “Iku-yaku process” to ensure "ultra-high quality."
Nichi-Iko MPI
Nichi-Iko Medical Practice Institute Co., Ltd. (Nichi-Iko MPI) was founded in September 2011. Its primary tasks are to provide healthcare administration materials, manage and operate Stu-GE (MPI original web site) for information on our generic drugs and administration.
MPI holds seminars, lectures and workshops for medical institutions and distributors. Moreover, MPI and the Hokuriku Bank have a business partnership to share various types of information related to health and medical policy in Japan.
Human Resource Cultivation
The MPS (Medical Practice Support) Team forms the core of Nichi-Iko's information-providing activity. There are currently 46 MPS consultants (as of April 2016), who are certified by the Japan Association of Health Service Management Consultants and 243 MPS advisors (as of April 2016), who are qualified in Nichi-Iko. We encourage all MRs to gain such qualifications as part of their value-added sales activities to provide not only drug information but also information related to medical treatment administration and medical practices for people engaged in medical fields.
Another MPS activity is to hold brief sessions on drug price revision and other medical policies. In these sessions, various useful materials and data are prepared by an MPI team and provided. Demands for such sessions have increased dramatically among medical institutions. We are very confident of our value-added services.
About “Stu-GE”
Stu-GE stands for "Study Generics." It is Nichi-Iko's website for information on generic drugs, medical administration and other relevant tools.
Anyone who registers on the page can receive email magazines to find out the latest information, market trends and up to date medical policies from Stu-GE sites. You can see videos with explanatory descriptions of materials created by MPI. (Member registration is free.)

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