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Development Structure

Nichi-Iko always cares about patients and medical professionals. We aim at making drugs more user-friendly with our original formulation techniques. For example, we try to make drugs smaller, nicer flavored, simpler to remove from blister packs, easier to discern from drugs and to dispose.

Our approaches to

(1) High Quality
We work on making high quality drugs by conducting various tests and quality assessments of active pharmaceutical ingredients (e.g. purity, particle size distribution, crystallization), and of drugs (content, uniformity of active ingredient, weight variation, dissolution, disintegration, stability in regards to humidity, temperature, light and so on). We also assess an equivalence of dissolution behavior and bioequivalence between us and originators.
(2) High Usability
We focus on making user-friendly drugs and ensure that our drugs are easy to administrate for patients (considering tablet size, flavor and minimum number of drug administrations) and easy to handle by medical professionals (considering ease of identification, splitting and disposability of package, or improved stability if no packaging is used).
(3) Timely and Speedy Development
We try to provide low cost & high quality generic drugs as quickly as possible by releasing drugs just after the re-examination period or patent expiry date of originator drugs.

Our concept of making high quality drugs

Based on our slogan, “Challenge the global market,” we constructed the "Honeycomb Building." It is a Global Development and Quality Control Center, in which operations started in November 2011.

Believing that "Quality creation begins at each development stage," our technical staff members are involved in drug design from the first stage of production. In the Honeycomb Building, we conduct quality assurance tests to meet global standards. We also believe that biosimilar and anticancer drugs will become significant factors in the generic market in the future. Thus we built the "Bio Testing Lab" and "High Potency Lab," where we utilize our analytical assessment and up to date technology for basic research on biosimilar. We also have an assessment facility for anticancer drugs.

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