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Message from the
President and CEO

We live within the community through our CSR activities for improving people's
well-beings and supporting bright future for our children.


President & CEO Yuichi Tamura

Since the establishment of the Company in 1965, we have continued to manufacture and market high-quality and cost-effective drugs to meet the expectations of people who wish to live a healthy life.

National healthcare expenditures in Japan have been following an upward trend in recent years. In 2025, one out of every three Japanese will be age 65 years or older, and one out of every five Japanese will be age 75 years or older as Japan becomes a super­-aging society. Furthermore, the reduction of healthcare expenditures is being considered in social security cost containment policies, and with the presentation of the Basic Policy on Economic and Fiscal Management Reform 2017 in June 2017, the government said it “will consider promotional measures for the use of generic drugs, aiming at an 80% usage rate of generic drugs by September 2020 or its earlier achievement.” Against this backdrop, we have high expectations for the role to be played and speed of uptake by generic drugs in constraining healthcare expenditures.

In anticipation of a slowdown in Japanese market growth after the usage rate of generic drugs reaches 80%, we are also strengthening our development of biosimilar to achieve further growth and taking the initiative to expand into the global market in order to deliver Premium Quality drugs to patients around the world.

Going forward, as we aim to become a global Top 10 leader in generic drugs, we will continue our initiatives to reduce medical expenses on patients and their families and to enhance convenience as we continue in our efforts to contribute to the sustainable development of society through business.

Innovative Techniques for
Patients and Their Families

To enhance ease of swallowing, convenience, and safety, we listen to the requests of customers and strive to develop new products and improve existing ones.

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Our quality drugs and quality Healthcare Management Consultants are prepared to provide information on medical policies as well as healthcare management and generics related topics.