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What we do to build the healthier and more enriched society
which is fully in harmony with our community
and support the creation of the bright future for our children


President & CEO Yuichi Tamura

Nichi-Iko Group, since its foundation in 1965, has been striving to bring people’s hope of healthy life come true through our efforts in manufacturing and sales of quality pharmaceutical products of superior economic values.

What we have witnessed in recent years in Japan is the sharp rise in national healthcare spend. It is also expected that in the year 2025, Japan will become a “super-aging society” with 1 in 3 people over the age of 65, and 1 in 5 over 75 years of age. Such a projection has urged the government to introduce measures to further contain the social security budget, resulting in the healthcare budget cut.
With the aging of population and declining birth rate, we must find a way for the extension of ‘healthy longevity’ while optimizing the growing healthcare cost.
As a pharmaceutical manufacturer/ distributor we must carefully examine what more we can do to support the creation of better future for our children and take actions without hesitation.

We also believe it is one of our most important missions to take part in the fight against COVID 19. Over many years we have been accumulating significant clinical data for our products such as FUTHAN® INJ. (Nafamostat Mesilate) as well as DECADRON® TABLET(Dexamethasone). We shall step up our efforts for stable supply, and through provisions of clinical supplies for research, and participation in the drug developments, we shall continue to contribute to the pandemic containment efforts.

Furthermore, as part of corporate social responsibility, our efforts will continue for further reduction and improvement of environmental burden as well as our collaboration with local communities and society through partnership agreements with local municipalities. We will also focus our efforts on talent development fully respecting Diversity & Inclusion.

Every member of our company is expected to always think what role one can play to contribute to all these causes and take actions with strong sense of responsibility.
This makes our company “ONE NICHI-IKO”, the generic company ready to serve our patients and their sufferings with compassion and ready to contribute to the sustainable development of our society.

Innovative Techniques for
Patients and Their Families

To enhance ease of swallowing, convenience, and safety, we listen to the requests of customers and strive to develop new products and improve existing ones.

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