Basic Policy

Message from the
Top Leader


President & CEO Shingo Iwamoto

Nichi-Iko Group has been manufacturing and marketing the high-quality ethical pharmaceuticals at an affordable price to meet the expectations of people wishing for healthy life, since it was founded in 1965. Also we have formulated the Nichi-Iko Group Quality Policy “Our Pledge of Trust and Confidence”, and each one of our employees has vowed to deliver “trust and confidence” to patients and their families in the world.

Engraving this quality policy on our mind, each one of us introspects and ruminates “what I can do”, and we seriously engage ourselves in achieving “quality of Nichi-Iko Group” with high awareness and by sincere behavior.

Recognizing many patients use the pharmaceutical products manufactured and marketed by Nichi-Iko Group, through distribution companies and medical institutions, I believe our mission is to stably supply our pharmaceutical products, to be used by patients feeling at ease. Realizing our mission, we reinforce our manufacturing and supply system with our high-quality pharmaceutical products at a reasonable price, ultimately aiming at contributing to health care.

With the new senior management team, all employees make up our minds to unite and combine our efforts to revitalize our business, through the capital increases such as the Business Turnaround ADR and the third-party allocation. I hereby greatly appreciate your continuous support to Nichi-Iko Group.

Innovative Techniques for
Patients and Their Families

To enhance ease of swallowing, convenience, and safety, we listen to the requests of customers and strive to develop new products and improve existing ones.

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Our quality drugs and quality Healthcare Management Consultants are prepared to provide information on medical policies as well as healthcare management and generics related topics.