Packagings Design

Our packaging

Drugs may be packaged in blister sheets, pillow packs, and carton boxes or other types of configurations.


Blister sheet

A tablet drug is packaged in between aluminum sheet and plastic sheet pockets. To take out a tablet, push up the plastic pocket.


Pillow pack

Some blister sheet tablets are bundled up with aluminum sheet.


Carton box

A carton box may become a secondary container to package a pillow pack or bundled blister sheets.

●Our blister sheets

Those sheets with perforation to cut off the sheet into several pieces have the drug product name and strength printed on the both sides for every single tablet. This enables to retain ease of identification when the sheet is separated.


●A small package - “Nichi-Iko Package.”

A small package - “Nichi-Iko Package” prints drug name and quantity on the pillow pack which makes the product easy to identify for customers.