Information provision

Nichi-Iko provides generic drugs which are comparatively low cost but equivalent in efficacy to originator (new) drugs. Our cost-competitive products contribute to saving national expenditure on health and medicine supported by the Japanese government initiative to raise the usage rate of generic drugs.

We provide a full range of information and support for medical professionals through our originally developed systems and Medical Representatives (MR) activities assigned seamlessly across the country. Our information assets are not limited to quality information related to the products. Our teams provide medical administrations and policies related information and other valuable information around the industry to our customers rapidly and continuously.

To learn more about our information provision initiatives to support the generic drugs permeation and learning of our direct customers as well as publics, see below.

Our Information
Provision Initiatives

Company Websites

We prepare a specific web-contents designed for medical professionals of which including valuable resources related to medical industry and policies.

Product information contents which are accessible for anyone contain a search function where you can find products and details such as package inserts, proper use instructions, drug photos and other useful information.


Customer Support Center

Our Customer Support Center is set up to handle inquiries and consultation on our products. We always make best efforts to provide necessary and valuable information and wide-range of support for our customers.

The Customer Support Center receive inquiries and quickly pass them onto our relevant MR, with every effort made to provide a seamless flow of information between our customer support center, MRs and medical institutions.

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Drug fostering and evolution by PENGE;
PENGE; Product Evolution of Nichi-Iko’s GEneric drugs.

Nichi-Iko and Tokyo University collaboratively developed PENGE which garners post marketing information such as complaints, reports of troubles and potential needs from the on-site teams and users. The system ensures to grasp and not overlook such information and evaluates cases. The ultimate goal is to use the collected information via the system for remediation and improvement measures to enhance our product quality and convenience which meets current and future needs of our customers.

Nichi-Iko Medical Practice Institute

Nichi-Iko Medical Practice Institute Co., Ltd. (Nichi-Iko MPI) was founded in September 2011.

The organization is engaged in providing medical institutions and distributors with governmental policy (i.e. national healthcare system) or medical authorities’ updates related to healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.
Stu-GE is the Nichi-Iko MPI managed website dedicated for providing updates of the market and regulation with ample image and video supplemental materials. Nichi-Iko MPI also provides seminars, lectures and workshops.


Medical Practice Support Team; development of talents with specialized knowledge

The MPS (Medical Practice Support) Team forms the core of Nichi-Iko's information-providing activities. As of April 2018, our team comprises 53 Japan Association of Health Service Management Consultants certified consultants and 270 MPS advisors qualified in Nichi-Iko.

All Nichi-Iko MRs are encouraged to gain the certification or the qualification. Our knowledgeable teams’ value-added sales activities can provide not only drug information but also information related to healthcare related policies and healthcare business & management.

Another MPS activity is to hold brief sessions on revision on medical service fees and other medical policies. In these sessions, various useful materials and data are prepared by Nichi-Iko MPI and provided to the audience. Demands for such sessions have increased dramatically among medical institutions. We are very confident of our value-added services.

About Stu-GE

Stu-GE stands for "Study Generics." It is Nichi-Iko MPI’s website for information on generic drugs, medical administration and other relevant tools. Anyone who registers on the page can receive email magazines to find out the latest information, market trends and up to date medical policies/regulation information from Stu-GE sites. You can see videos with explanatory descriptions of materials created by MPI. (Member registration is free.)

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