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To medical professionals

Drug information sheet overview
1. Kusuri-no-Shiori® was developed by the Risk/Benefit Assessment of Drug-Alalysis and Response Council, Japan (hereafter referred to as the ”Council”) for the following purpose:
To develop materials for healthcare providers (e.g. physicians, pharmacists) working at the front line of healthcare services, and to reinforce their informed consent practices with respect to the use of medicines.

In providing Kusuri-no-Shiori®, a drug information sheet for individual drugs, we carried out trials in various healthcare settings and ascertained the following facts:

(1) Kusuri-no-Shiori® is a useful medium with which to promote dialogues between healthcare providers and their patients with regard to medication;
(2) By promoting these dialogues, physicians can assess the accuracy of their prescriptions, and their patients will have better understanding of their medication (drug knowledge).
(3) Kusuri-no-Shiori® helps to reinforce functional coordination among healthcare providers.

In other words, Kusuri-no-Shiori® possesses the characteristics of a Patient Medication Instruction (PMI).
3. Kusuri-no-Shiori® is prepared by pharmaceutical companies according to the basic format developed by the Council, and the Council checks and confirms the information provided.

The content is expressed in plain language with a minimally required information so as to make it easy for patients to understand.
4. Kusuri-no-Shiori® is maintained and managed by the Council.
5. In order to provide visually-impaired persons access to the information, Kusuri-no-Shiori® includes a “voice code*” symbol so that they can listen to the content. (in Japanese only)
6. An English version of Kusuri-no-Shiori is already available for some drugs.
7. The Council has registered the trademark of Kusuri-no-Shiori in order to protect the name “Kusuri-no-Shiori®“ from use of the name for purposes other than to promote the “proper use of medicines.” Accordingly, the use of the name must be licensed by the Council.
*A voice code It is a newly-developed, two-dimensional symbol that converts printed information into digital information. Specialized software codifies a document created using Microsoft® Word and pastes it into the same document. By printing this document with a laser printer (600dpi recommended) and feeding it through a dedicated voice code reader, the content of the document is output in voice, Braille or text form. The code allows anyone to record or publish a large amount of information on a sheet of paper easily, making it possible to use for a wide variety of purposes in business or everyday life.

To the general public (patients)

What is Kusuri-no-Shiori®?
Kusuri-no-Shiori® is a drug information sheet, which explains what you should know about the medicines prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist.

A Drug information sheet condenses what is somewhat difficult-to-understand information into a simple explanation. It helps patients, doctors and pharmacists to engage in more conversation and communication about medication.

Furthermore, Kusuri-no-Shiori® is created by the pharmaceutical companies that actually manufacture and sell the drugs. Therefore you can be assured that the information is accurate and reliable. It is updated every day, so you have access to the latest information anytime you need it.